Make it conscious.

For a while now, I've been practicing the "conscious" variety of dance - 5Rhythms, Open Floor, Ecstatic dance, and Contact Improv. This page is a directory of some dance classes around the San Francisco Bay Area, primarily Contact Improv classes, that I find interesting.

COVID-19 Message: All in-person dance classes are canceled as of March 2020, until further notice. See the archives for the previously held classes and events.

It is quite possible that some previously ongoing classes won't survive the pandemic. However, I also expect that new classes will be created to fill the void. Keep an eye on the list once the US and the rest of the World begin to reopen.

Classes (Online)

Since online classes are available everywhere, I'm including anything I can find, even if they are not based in the Bay Area.

If you want your class included in this list, please contact me at