What's new:

Apr 1, 2013:
Don't Forget The Staples! (the movie) is released

Aug, 2011:
Meeting (the movie) is released

Feb, 2011:
Doors (the movie) got a new website!

Nov, 2010:
BerezinFilm blog updates
New thread: reviews of movies I've watched

Jul 31, 2010:
Music Pills #1 & #2
From TV Studio workshop in Russia

May 15, 2010:
Jake's Game (movie)
24 hour film race project

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Note: These are just my hot project links that I consider interesting. If you want to know what I am doing, the Professional Info is the right place.

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My Software Projects

This section used to be called "free software," but I discovered that not all of it is exactly free, as defined by the FSF. Anyhow, here you'll find the software projects I was and am involved in.

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